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Quick China Coal Stat

While figures have fallen from a much higher peak a few years ago, China still built approximately one large plant every week in 2013. [National Bureau of Asian Research]
China will continue to bring on line roughly an average of one large 500 MW coal plant per week through 2030. []
China consumes nearly as much coal as the rest of the world combined [US Energy Information Administration]
In 2012 the UK consumed 64 million tonnes. [ukcoal .com]
Chinese Coal Use to Hit 4.8 Billion Metric Tons Annually by 2020 [thediplomat]
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A Phantasy - by Wilf Hastwell, 1917

Dear –
What a hole!
All holes; nothing whole;
Funkholes, shell holes, rat holes,
Unholy, unwholesome, Hell.

Much mess, megrims, melancholy,
Melancholy, immeasurable melancholy, tragic, weird;
Weird, odd, extraordinarily odd, rum.
(Rum, butter, biscuits, bully, tea,
More rum, no rum, nothing but petrol water.)

Arms and equipment,
Arms and legs, corpses, bodies, Bosche;
Armless horrors, harmless, hideous haters, hideous, hardening Ha! Ha!
Huns hunted; helmet hunting, souvenir hunting,
Buttons and badges, badges of rank, rigid rankers.
Rank, bad, rotten, rancidity.

And the mud –
Paste musty; slush and water, bloody water, chlorinated water,
Slime, slithery slough, bog, quagmire, beastly.
Puddles, pools and ponds
Wearing waders, weary waders; waders weak, wonky gone west,
’Ware wet feet. Where whale oil?
But where? Where? Where?

Cold, keen, cutting excruciating fire.
Firing, fire flingers, firelights, flash, whizz, whistle, crump!
(where was it?)
Crumps, coalboxes, Jack Johnsons, whizzbangs – O jumping Jehosophat,
French mortars and aerial torpedoes; minenwerfer and machine-guns,
Slingers and snipers, shots,
Good shots, bad shots, blighties, base buried or back again to billets,
Bother, Back again to billets,
Trudging trenches, trails and tracks; ruts and roads, real roads;
Tramping roads roaring with the nine point two.
Huts, heavy roads, habitations, houses – Heaven!
Billets, blankets and beds,
Blessed beds; bon, billowy beds; planks and straw,
Beds and bye-bye.

via Temple Church Remembrance Sunday notes

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Life is a train of moods like a string of beads, and, as we pass through them, they prove to be many-colored lenses which paint the world their own hue
Emerson - Experience

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What people believe is essentially what they wish to believe. They cultivate illusions out of idealism — and also out of cynicism. They follow their own visions because doing so satisfies their religious cravings, and also because it is expedient. They seek beliefs that can exalt their souls, and that can fill their bellies. They believe out of generosity, and also because it serves their interests. They believe because they are stupid, and also because they are clever. Simply, they believe in order to survive. And because they need to survive, sometimes they could gladly kill whoever has the insensitivity, cruelty and inhumanity to deny them their life-supporting lies.
Simon Leys, on China-watchers, in The Hall of Uselessness, ISBN 9781590176207